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online nutrition coaching w/ Ketty Minissale

The Benefits

Why you should level up your eating (you’ll thank me later):


Go from unfit and unhealthy leader to fit and thriving.


Join the lean leaders who feel fully charged and energetic.

Personal Growth

Explore your curiosity while building the high ROI skill of healthy living.

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aka "Is Online Nutrition Coaching for Me?"

How i can help you

Bridge the gap between your current self (unfit, overweight, tired) and your future identity (fit, lean, energized) with the simple formula:
Understanding + Habitformation = Future Fit Identity.


online nutrition coaching

Habit formation

Future Fit Identity


Choose the package that best suits your objectives:

60 Minutes

ONE Live Video Call

$ 249

12-Week Program

12 Live Video Calls

$ 2388

24-Week Program

24 Live Video Calls

$ 4194


What are the qualifications of Ketty Minissale and what sets her apart?

I’m an ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach.

I blend professional knowledge, personal experience, and a holistic, behavior-based approach with my passion for food.

I worked for over 10 years in the high-pressure German automotive landscape, so I understand the challenges busy professionals and entrepreneurs face.

A few other aspects that set me apart from other online nutrition coaches:

  • The inherited knowledge and experience of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle
  • I’m an entrepreneur who genuinely practices what she preaches every day.
  • 20 years of experience in international food and lifestyle
  • Adopted a traveler’s lifestyle and mindset as a digital nomad

A nutritionist is a professional with a degree in nutrition or a related field and is well-informed about dietary needs and food science. Their primary role involves creating meal plans and offering advice on dietary choices for general health or managing specific health conditions.

As an online nutrition coach, my focus extends beyond the ‘what’ of eating to also include the ‘why’ and ‘how’. I assist you in understanding your eating behaviors, establishing healthier habits, and offering guidance, support, and accountability to successfully implement sustainable lifestyle changes.

You have direct access to me through WhatsApp, where I’m available to support you outside of the coaching sessions. In me, you will have not only a coach but also an ally.

In the 12-week and 24-week program, you’ll have a one-hour call every week with me. The time required to modify your lifestyle varies based on your current habits, routines, and goals. It will differ from person to person.

Sure! At the start of our collaboration, we’ll discuss your unique needs. These will be taken into account when planning our program and tracking your progress.

Each session will be tailored according to your current phase. Our collaboration will be 100% personalized, and I will prepare based on your needs and goals.

Generally, an online nutrition coaching session with me includes evaluating your overall lifestyle, eating habits, sleep pattern, level of physical activity, and other factors affecting your health and fitness.

We will identify your needs and goals together and tackle one challenge at a time. I will provide custom resources to help you overcome any obstacles and limiting beliefs that prevent you from becoming your best self.

Each nutrition coaching session will bring you one step closer to your healthiest and fittest self.

Some examples of tools are:

  • One-page overviews on macronutrients and specific foods to assist you in implementing healthier food swaps.
  • Based on your needs and challenges, I have a stress management toolkit to aid you in managing stress more effectively. Many of my clients struggle with stress eating, so I’ve developed tools specifically to address this issue.
  • The Hassle-Free Cookbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Satisfying, Quick, and Healthy Meals!
  • ONE live guided cooking class (in the 24-week program
  • Comprehensive guide to eating out

Yes, I am happy to provide a personalized meal plan upon request.

I guide my clients toward a flexible and intuitive approach to healthy eating. However, for those who prefer a more structured plan, I can provide a guide to help you maintain a varied and healthy diet, adaptable to your cravings and daily life.

Your biggest resource is yourself. Your health, energy, and overall well-being significantly affect everything you do and plan to do.

It took me 15 years to reach a point where I could nurture my body and brain to their fullest potential. This journey involved many trials, diets, and stressful periods as I worked to overcome emotional eating, distorted eating behaviors, and unhealthy weight fluctuations.

If I would start today, to speed up my progress, I’d choose to invest money to save my time. If you feel the same, consider booking a call.

About Me

Accelerate getting lean, fit, and energetic with expert training.

online nutrition coaching w/ Ketty Minissale


Ketty Minissale

I merge my passion for food with my expertise and a decade of experience in nutrition and holistic fitness to help my clients lose excess weight, boost their energy levels, and love being in their own skin.

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© The Energy Lab 2024. All rights reserved.