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Get 1-on-1 guidance (Online Body-Mind Fitness Coaching) from Markus Kneissl. Access proven systems to: 

online body-mind fitness coaching

The Benefits

Why you should upgrade your physique and mindset (you’ll thank me later):


Go from unfit and stuck to fit and thriving.


Join the club of self-confident and energetic leaders.

Personal Growth

Explore your curiosity while building the high ROI skill of healthy living.

does this sound familiar:

aka “Is Online Body-Mind Fitness Coaching for Me?”

How i can help you

Bridge the gap from your current self (unfit, tense, tired) to your future identity (strong, confident, energized) with the simple formula:
Functional Strength + Mindfulness = Future Fit Identity.

Functional Strength


Future Fit Identity


Choose the package that best suits your objectives:

60 Minutes

ONE Live Video Call

$ 249

12-Week Program

12 Live Video Calls

$ 2388

24-Week Program

24 Live Video Calls

$ 4194


What are the qualifications of Markus Kneissl?

I’m a certified RYT 200h Hatha Yoga Instructor. But I haven’t stopped there. So I skilled up on:

  • Calisthenics: bodyweight strength, biomechanics, and structural balance
  • Functional Mobility & Conditioning
  • Connective and deep tissue work, fascia release techniques, and self-massage
  • Tactical Mindfulness and interoception
  • Strategic breath work

You get my systemized training framework that you can apply with or without a gym.

The training style is mobility-based which focuses on functional movement and strength instead of only training isolated muscle groups.

For individual challenges like former injuries, pain, tension, etc. you get targeted exercises to help rework muscular imbalances and dysfunctional biomechanics.

You have direct access to me through WhatsApp, where I’m available to support you outside of the coaching sessions. In me, you will have not only a coach but also an ally.

In the 12-week and 24-week program, you’ll have a one-hour call every week with me. Additionally, you should reserve 30-45 min. for daily exercise/practice.

That’s exactly what these programs are designed for. The system helps you to train in a structured way. But you get exercises and variations that fit your current fitness level.

You gradually and safely progress from easy to difficult. Light to heavy. And simple to complex.

You only need your body weight and some basic equipment:

  • A yoga or gymnastics mat.
  • Gym rings or TRX.
  • Heavy-weight elastic bands.

We go through the exercises together. You also get access to my online exercise database. You’ll record yourself training and send me the videos. I’ll analyze them and provide corrections and what to focus on. Mindful exercising will help you develop body awareness, enabling you to self-correct without requiring an observer.

For decades I struggled with having a strong, confident, and pain-free body. Something was always off. I was not consistent or came near my goals. Then, I started learning everything on my own. It took me almost a decade to fully understand how the body works and how I can get the results I want. What I learned: You either pay the cost in time or money. If I would start today, I’d prefer to trade money to save my time (to up-skill faster and accelerate my results). If you feel the same, consider booking a call.

About Me

Accelerate your body-mind fitness with expert training.


Markus Kneissl

I used my own struggles and former injuries to build a unique skill set that helped me and countless others intentionally create powerful forward motion in life and business.

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© The Energy Lab 2024. All rights reserved.