Wellness @ Work

Skyrocket employees’

performance, productivity, and engagement

while saving a ton of money

Employee Wellness = Workplace Productivity

When your employees’ wellness is thriving, your organization directly benefits:

But when your employees’ wellness suffers, so does your organization’s bottom line.

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What is the cost of poor wellness?

The influence of wellness is profound and far-reaching, not just affecting how employees feel but directly impacting tangible aspects of a business.

It shapes the number of sick days taken, influences the quality of job performance, and is crucial in determining the risk of burnout and the likelihood of employees leaving the organization.

Consider these sobering realities tied to poor wellness:


of medical costs accrued mostly due to preventable conditions

$20 million

of additional lost opportunity for every 10,000 workers due to struggling or suffering employees

$322 billion

of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout

15% to 20%

of total payroll in voluntary turnover costs, on average, due to burnout

Source: Gallup

The uplifting reality is that your organization holds the power to enact meaningful change and take proactive measures to enhance employee wellness.

Let's clarify some things

What is wellness?

We take a holistic approach to wellness. It isn’t just physical fitness or eating well. It’s about people’s energy.

Wellness encompasses all the things that are important to each of us and how we experience our lives. We call this Holistic Fitness.

Thriving employees fuel a thriving workplace — and when employees are struggling, experiencing negative emotions, or feeling burned out, your organization can suffer.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”


What are the six common elements people need to thrive in their lives?

The elements of people’s wellness encompass four dimensions that collectively contribute to an individual’s overall health and quality of life (the inner square).

The six common elements that people need to thrive (the outer hexagon) involve lifestyle habits that you can do something about.

Physical Wellness

You have energy to get things done.

Emotional Wellness

Your are resilient and manage stress effectively.

Intellectual Wellness

You challenge yourself with new ideas and experiences.

Spiritual Wellness

Your beliefs, values, and purpose create meaning in life.

Social Wellness

You build healthy, supportive relationships.

Occupational Wellness

You find satisfaction and fulfillment in your work.

We believe when employees enjoy good health and well-being, they possess the vitality and mental stamina needed to fully engage with their work.

This surge in energy sharpens their focus, leading to a substantial increase in productivity and commitment to their roles.


Wellness affects focus, which affects employee engagement

We know that focused employees produce far better outcomes. Because focus leads to more engagement, creativity, and productivity at work.

But if employees are not focused and engaged they report the following risks:


higher likelihood of burnout often or always


higher likelihood of daily stress


higher likelihood of daily worry


the rate of daily sadness and anger

Source: Gallup

When viewed individually, the various aspects of wellness may seem to have minimal impact.

However, when considered holistically, these seemingly marginal net positive habits come together, creating a powerful cumulative effect that drives a vibrant and thriving life.

In their own words

What some employees are saying about wellness at work

The Energy Lab Wellness at Work challenge made me wonder about my well-being and provided easy and concrete ways of improving it. It has nice potential.

This great challenge helped me to learn and cultivate habits and techniques for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it was with workout routines, stress relievers approach or even improving my day-to-day organization at work!

Fun and practical Wellness at Work challenge to improve energy and stress management. Thank you Ketty & Markus for it!

Thanks, Ketty and Markus for helping us increase our focus and stress management!

It was interesting and I feel you’re guys very kind. I would prefer to pick and push individually to have more feedback and individual responsibility. Thanks for organizing it!


Cultivate a vibrant holistic wellness culture within your organization

Organizations often invest a sizable amount of money in wellbeing initiatives that are disconnected, too generic, and don’t meet their employees’ actual needs.

Help your employees confidently answer “yes” when asked if your organization cares about their wellness and personal growth.

We partner with your organization to establish a workplace wellness strategy that helps your people and your business — all while aligned with your organization’s unique purpose, brand, and culture.

Our approach

1) Diagnosing Needs

We help you identify wellness opportunities and understand the connections among wellness, processes, and performance.

2) Prioritizing Key Activities

We help you prioritize wellness programs that align with employee needs, as supported by the six catalysts of wellness.

3) Initiate Behavior Change

We help you equip employees with the knowledge and tools to take a more holistic view of wellness and create an action plan for themselves and their team.

© The Energy Lab 2024. All rights reserved.

© The Energy Lab 2024. All rights reserved.