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Sugar Free Life

without any sacrifice, pressure, or stress.

Cut down on sugar in 21 days to:

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The fact that you got here tells me that you

Let me tell you something: It’s not entirely your fault; sugar is highly addictive.

And the food industry relies on this addiction to keep you consuming and purchasing their products.

Has this held you back so far?

A sugar free life doesn’t mean having to give up everything

Perhaps this sounds familiar:

If you previously thought that a sugar free life was associated with time pressure, sacrifice, or stress, then you’ve come to the right place.

“Ketty is absolutely amazing, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to give you the knowledge and tools to help you reach your best self. She won’t sugarcoat or throw fluff your way she makes sure you’re accountable. She is very honest and helps you along every step of your journey. Couldn’t ask for a better coach, guide, and friend.”

Assistant Director | USA

More Well-Being and Enjoyment in Everyday Life

Achieve your goals in 3 Easy Steps


In Phase 1 I will make you a sugar expert. With this basic knowledge, you can then start Phase 2 to break old habits.


In the Realize phase, you apply your knowledge in everyday life to organize & plan your dietary changes.


You now know a sugar-free diet doesn’t mean going without it. With new routines, you start a carefree, enjoyable, and healthy life.

online nutrition coaching w/ Ketty Minissale

My goal is for you to seize this opportunity to stay healthy and improve your well-being.

I would love to accompany you on your journey to a sugar free life.

Get early access and 50% off before the course drops

Hey, I'm Ketty

Your Expert for a sugar free life

I know from my own experience how enriching a life without sugar can be.

That a sugar-reduced everyday life is not synonymous with abstinence and stress.

At the same time, making the switch without help and clear guidance can be a huge challenge.

I would like to spare you this feeling of being overwhelmed. I want to give you the courage to realize a life without refined sugar.

Your worry-free online course

This course contains everything you need to start Your Sugar Free Life today

In this online course, you can expect my sure-fire 5-Phase Method, plus:

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Phase 1

Become a sugar expert

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about sugar to change your diet. You will learn the fundamentals to help you reduce sugar in your life permanently. Including:

Phase 2

Organize & Plan

In Phase 2, we plan and organize so that you can start your dietary change in a relaxed and stress-free way:

Phase 3


In Phase 3, things really get going. You start your 21-day sugar-free period. I will accompany you and explain what to expect in the first few days:

Phase 4


After your 21-day sugar-free period, we will reflect and take a close look at the healthy habits you have integrated into your everyday life:

Phase 5


In this module you will gain insights into what is yet to come:

“I’m a writer, which inevitably means a (mostly) sedentary lifestyle, which in turn brings challenges with energy, weight, and fitness. Working with Ketty was incredibly helpful – she’s full of knowledge and was empathetic, insightful, and warm in her approach. I’d thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of nutrition, empower holistic health, and align the mind more closely with the body.”

Writer | England

How much is your new life worth?

Your Sugar Free Life
or 10 cups of coffee?

Your Sugar Free Life costs less than a Grande Latte at your favorite coffee shop. You decide — is your new sugar-free life worth more than 10 cups of coffee?

Now the time has come to finally start living your sugar free life.


Get early access and 50% off before the course drops

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© The Energy Lab 2024. All rights reserved.