7 Brain-Booster Habits of Highly Energetic People, 3-Bs Energy Breakfast, & More


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OPTIMIZE ENERGY—one framework

7 Brain-Booster Habits of Highly Energetic People

Many people struggle with keeping concentration and good energy throughout the day.

No matter if you are working remotely or in an office, your energy and focus are your biggest resources.

Here are 7 brain-booster hacks to have great energy and rock your days.

I listen to Baroque music, particularly Vivaldi while working. Research has shown that Baroque music can help improve focus and concentration, which helps me stay energized and productive.


I start my day with a workout in the morning. This helps me wake up and get my blood flowing, which in turn gives me a boost of energy to start my day.


I don’t drink coffee in the morning. Instead, I opt for a glass of water with lemon, which helps me stay hydrated and energized throughout the day. When I feel like having a coffee I drink it around midday or just after lunch, to better manage my cortisol level, and so my overall energy and health.


I focus on eating low-glycemic foods throughout the day. This includes lean proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains. I also ensure to include foods known to boost brain function, such as nuts, fish, and leafy greens.


I take a walk after or before lunch. I aim for at least 7,000 steps a day. This helps me clear my mind, relieve stress and stay energized throughout the day.


I practice active rest, by stretching or doing yoga. This helps me stay relaxed and focused and improves my mental and physical well-being.


I make time to connect with people, whether it’s through phone calls, video chats, or in-person meetings. This helps me stay motivated and energized throughout the day.

What is your favorite way to stay energetic and motivated throughout the day?

BUILD STRENGTH—one exercise


Brain Booster Breakfast for Performance & Pleasure

Preparation time: 5-7 min.

Eating time: Important! Enough that you are still enjoying it!

This porridge is packed with brain foods*.

Brain foods contain great nutrients that boost your performance and are a source of precious energy.

It also contains plenty of complex carbs, proteins, and good fat, that combined, provide you with a steady energy and low impact on your insulin level.


— 3 spoons rolled oats
— 200 ml oats drink
— 1 big spoon of pea protein
— 1/2 banana
— 1 teaspoon linen seeds*
— 1 teaspoon cocos oil*
— 1 teaspoon cacao*


— walnuts*
— chia seeds
— sesame seeds
— almonds
— banana

Put all the ingredients together in a pot and cook them.
Stir until hot and creamy.

Put the porridge into a bowl and add the toppings.
Enjoy while hot.

Remember to eat your meals slowly and mindfully.

Brain Booster Chocolate Porridge

THRIVE IN LIVE—one mindset

4 aspects of your fitness and lifestyle that crush your mental performance

Running a business can take a toll on your health.

Here are some key factors to watch out for:

  1. Lack of sleep: Difficulty sleeping can lead to fatigue and affect productivity.
  2. Poor nutrition: Quick, unhealthy meals can lead to weight gain and other health problems.
  3. Stress: Managing stress is crucial to avoid anxiety and depression.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle: Sitting for long hours can cause weight gain and back pain. Exercise is important even when busy with work.

To cope with those health challenges faced by entrepreneurs, here are a couple of suggestions from my side.

Let’s dive in.

1/ Lack of sleep: prioritize sleep and create a bedtime routine to help you relax and wind down at night.

→ Try Yoga Nidra. This requires no movement, you are laying on your bed. It is also known as effortless relaxation. You enter a calming state for the mind and body through guided meditation. 

This practice involves altering brain waves, by releasing emotional tension, slowing the nervous system, and allowing muscles to relax, and so to fall and stay asleep.

2/ Poor nutrition: plan and prepare healthy meals in advance, and avoid relying on fast food or processed snacks.

→ Learn simple and quick cooking hacks that are a no-brainer

E.g. shape your plate, so that you have a source of complex carbohydrates, a portion of protein, and some vegetables. There are plenty of ideas of food you can combine and prepare in a max of 10 to 15 minutes.

→ When eating out, try to choose restaurants that offer simple meals. Avoid sauces, which can add extra fat and sugar, and also avoid fried food.

3/ Stress: practice stress-reducing techniques like mindfulness, meditation, or exercise, and regularly take breaks throughout the day.

→ Think of your preferred ways to reduce stress, and schedule time for it. Often what’s not on our calendars, is not going to happen.

! Think of how to avoid the “always on” approach. Unless your life and the life of somebody else really depends on it (see doctors, surgeons, etc), you don’t need to be always on.

4/ Sedentary lifestyle: prioritize physical activity by scheduling breaks to stand up and move around, or by incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

→ Try to think of which daily activities you can switch from sitting to moving. Phone calls? Messaging with voice recognition (as Curt has taught me), or brainstorming ideas.

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