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Maximize energy, performance, and well-being with Better Nutrition for Busy Schedules—optimize habits & transform your life.

You are here exactly right if…

You feel like your hectic work schedule, stress, and responsibilities are preventing you from eating well.

You’ve tried everything. Whether it’s simply eating less, eating “healthier”, counting calories, counting points, low carb, keto, intermittend fasting… None of it has worked in the long run.

You are constantly on the go and struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It’s not your fault…

…if you’ve failed with your previous weight loss attempts!

Probably you were missing …

  • The right system.
  • The right knowledge.
  • Powerful accountability.

Now picture this…

You can rely on your best energy and productivity because your “new” fit body and uncallused mind drive your overall success.

Feeling peace of mind because you finally know what and how to eat so you automatically become and stay lean.

Your belly is flatter and your pants are wider but you don’t really care about that anymore, because you simply feel good (again) in your skin.

How to Get in Shape & have More Energy

I will never promise you miracles or “losing 30 pounds in a week”, but I can promise to provide you with a system, guidance, and accountability to help you reach your ideal shape, weight, and energy goals.

You won’t have to feel deprived, go on diets, or make any extreme changes.

Instead, we’ll take a sustainable approach to achieve your goals.

Achieve your body’s
natural weight

Improve your
quality of life

10x your
energy level

focus & mental clarity

In 12 weeks, you'll...

All without...

“I have worked with Ketty for 12 weeks, and after just one month, I felt that it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Her holistic approach to nutrition helped me not only reach my weight loss goals but also establish new habits and routines that are now part of my daily life. In just three months, I lost 8 kg and I have never felt as vital and energized as I do now. Thank you so much, Ketty, and good luck with all your future endeavors!”

Charlotte Van Damme
Founder & CEO | Belgium

Excelling in business and life with high-q fuel

Optimal performance can be our natural state when we nourish our bodies and brains with the right balance of the best nutrients.

Our Beyond Fitness Framework is an integrated, proven model and the foundation for everything we do. Whether applied directly or used as a guide for projects and problems.

How to break out of the

Diet Rut once and for all

Phase ONE

WHY you eat (what you eat)

Phase TWO

WHAT you eat (creates the difference)


HOW you eat (with a WOW effect)

INTEGRATE in your daily life

I am a big fan of structured approaches. That’s why I developed and refined one that my clients value and profit from.

Phase ONE

WHY you eat (what you eat)

Losing weight starts in the mind!

Change is never easy. But when we align change with who we want to become, we can thrive.

Your “WHY” is your starting point. That’s where we will delve deeper into

  • Why you want to change
  • Why you eat what you eat

Knowing your purpose is vital for lasting success—before even setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, reachable, timely) goals.

Phase TWO

WHAT you eat (creates the difference)

Knowledge is king—and applied knowledge builds a kingdom!

Some fundamental food knowledge is necessary to no longer walk in the dark.

It’s distilled down to its essence so you immediately start powerful advancements in your daily routine.

From the latest scientific findings, ancient sources, and practical experience we know, this is the basic prerequisite for maintaining your feel-good weight in the long run.


HOW you eat (with a WOW effect)

Your body is smarter than any diet!

You just forgot to listen to your innate body instincts over time.

You implement tools and techniques that will help you to eat better at 360° and create exponential and sustainable improvements. Intuitively eat like naturally lean people.

This way you can easily reach your feel-good weight — hassle-free.

online nutrition coaching

INTEGRATE in your daily life

I guide you step by step to your weight loss goal

Your sustainable & gentle way to a feel-good weight.

Practical 1-on-1 sessions

Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions that you can complete conveniently from anywhere. This way, the program integrates perfectly into your busy everyday life.

Direct support & Accountability

If you got urgent questions or cravings, or just want additional support and accountability—I got your back. Get my best tips and personal support via phone, live chat, and email.


3 PDF Nutrition Foundation Cards
I will provide you with essential and concise knowledge so that you can easily apply it without feeling overwhelmed.

Customized Audio Recordings
Stress release techniques, mindful eating meditation, and body scans are some of the most powerful tools to overcome binge eating and prevent weight gain.

Cooking Class for 15-Minute Recipes
I offer customized live cooking sessions and recipes that are tailored to your unique needs and preferences—quick, effective, and enjoyable.

This is how we safeguard your individual success. No matter what special personal challenges you have. We’ll be at your side.

“Ketty’s nutrition program was a life changer for me. When I first started, I was just looking to lose some weight and have more energy, but I ended up finding so much more. The mindful eating approach, body scans, and support to create healthy and sustainable routines helped me not only reach my goals but also create more balance and happiness in my daily life. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally, and I can’t recommend Ketty’s coaching enough to anyone looking to improve their well-being and health through a better lifestyle.”

Liam Tremblay
Busniess owner | Canada

Let's form a winning team

I’m Ketty

(and this is beyond Nutrition)

I help people like you design eating habits and routines that align with their busy lifestyles and support their shape, energy, and performance in a sustainable way.

With my intuitive eating approach, you will no longer need to think about diets or ways to lose weight and boost energy.

As a bonus you’ll become more balanced and feel better, resulting in greater peace of mind.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve developed a nutrition approach from both my Sicilian heritage and my experience of living and working in different places around the world.

Here are some aspects of smart nutrition that I value and respect:

  • balance between complex carbs, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats, plus plenty of vegetables and fruits for vitamins
  • omnivore, but low meat for health and environment
  • as many single ingredients as possible
  • as seasonal and local as possible
  • diversity & creativity
  • taste and pleasure
  • sharing and enjoying with family, friends, and community

“Ketty is absolutely amazing, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to give you the knowledge and tools to help you reach your best self. She won’t sugarcoat or throw fluff your way she makes sure you’re accountable. She is very honest and helps you along every step of your journey. Couldn’t ask for a better coach, guide, and friend.”

Chistopher Hoffman
Assistant Director | USA

The Beyond Nutrition method is perfect for you if...

Invest in a Better Life

If you’re waiting to be ready—it’ll never happen. 

Better Nutrition for Busy Schedules

This is what you get…

beyond nutrition method

A skilled dedicated coach

One weekly coach meeting

Relevant Holistic Fitness Elements

Personal Support

Whatsapp, Telegram, slack

Twelve Weeks Journey



billed monthly

The 12-week Better Nutrition for Busy Schedules costs $625 per month, for a total of $1,875 for the entire package.

Our quality commitment

with the 30 days 100% money back guarantee!

We are 100% sure that you will be completely satisfied.

If, against all expectations, you are not convinced from head to toe within your first 30 days and you don’t feel we’ve given you that level of service we will refund you every single cent. No questions asked!

Your next steps

Before you commit to starting this journey, we offer you a 0$  “Nutrition Check”.


We do a
“Nutrition Check” Call

We audit your nutrition and eating habits in a short 30 min. call.


Fill out the
“Nutrition-Check Form”

Then set up a second call to discuss the “Nutrition-Check” results.


Get actionable
steps and proceed

Get actionable steps—even if you decide not to work with us.