The 12-Week Confidently Aligned Program helps you create alignment for optimal performance & well-being.

PHASE ONE — Create Body-Awareness

PHASE TWO — Stretch and Strengthen

PHASE THREE — Mobilize and Expand

How Much is a bad posture Costing You?

Optimal health & well-being is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners to excel at work and enjoy a vibrant life.

Poor posture often has hidden costs that negatively impact your business and personal life.

When your body isn’t aligned with your ambitious goals you

  • feel tired, discomfort, and pain—hence your productivity goes south.
    e.g. a 20% decrease in productivity means you lose 10 hours every week
  • have chronic back pain, headaches, and even digestive issues.
    Missed workdays, distractions, and healthcare costs skyrocket
  • look unconfident, unprofessional, and less authoritative.
    This may cost you your next client, big deal, or funding.
  • appear less powerful, successful, and trustworthy.
    You don’t represent your brand with the same strength anymore.

This is for you if...

Apart from all the work you do, you know that health is true wealth — and you want to optimize your health through the correct alignment of your body.

Sitting is part of your job. That’s why you want to sit properly and accelerate your health and well-being so your back no longer hurts at your desk.

You want to move naturally and pain-free (again) — the way your body was designed — to play with your kids or enjoy outdoor adventures.

You want to regain natural alignment and recreate room for a full inhale and exhale.

You are constantly seeking ways to enhance performance, whether in your career, hobbies, or personal goals — a better posture is an advantage.

Regain your body’s
natural alignment

Improve your
quality of life

10x your


In 12 weeks, you'll...

All without...

Better Posture, Better You!

Over the course of 12 weeks, this transformative coaching journey will help you improve the key aspects of a functional body. The Power Posture Program is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

The beyond Movement Method

Accelerate strength, flexibility, and mobility for a profitable posture while amplifying freedom & quality of life with a neuroscience backed movement-based method.

Simple structures

Take action from day one to restructure your body (and mind). Create a stronger, healthier physique to host a highly productive and performing brain.

Agile progressive identity building

Build new movement patterns and optimize body mechanics & alignment with our Strength@Length Method to evolve into your new You progressively.

Practical coaching & Accountability

Gain access to the skills and insights required to address your specific challenges and build towards winning success. Together, we work as a team to achieve your goals.

The Beyond Movement Method

Better Movement. Better life.

Together with Markus, you will create a personalized plan to uncover your weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and train your body through movement. You’ll become more self-aware and elevate your physical & mental performance.


Past injuries, mindless movement patterns, and a sedentary lifestyle have sculpted your body; now is the moment to reverse that.


Functionality results from our physical training for optimal Strength@Length, which includes flexibility and mobility.


The most important skill to master is strength. It's the stepping stone towards effortless movement and a better life.


Your body is a complex biomechanical tool. Top performance requires balance and the full range of motion.


You're prevented from reaching your full potential by weakness, pain, instability, or tension. They influence one another.

Excelling in business and life with alignment

Optimal performance can be our natural state when we align all of our being and doing with a conscious direction.

Our Beyond Fitness Framework is an integrated, proven model and the foundation for everything we do. Whether applied directly or used as a guide for projects and problems.

12-Week Power Posture Program

Walk Upright with Confidence and Ease

Get my framework, tools, and accountability to build a better posture.

Phase ONE  |  Weeks 1 & 2


Poor posture can have many different causes. If you are not aware of the true costs and consequences of neglecting it, you may not have taken any action to address it.

UNWIND is designed to change that:

  • Know the origin of your poor posture (and pain)
  • Get clear on what’s MOST important to you and why. 

➕ You’ll learn to leverage:

  • Yoga-based stretching with the body-mind connection
  • Deep tissue work and massage in motion
  • Fascia stretching
  • Deep breathing

Phase TWO  |  Weeks 3 & 4


You already feel smoother. Your body started opening up. Now we take it a step further and work more into the dynamic capability of your body.

LIBERATE is where you:

  • Confidently explore your body’s current edge of motion
  • Take your flexibility and mobility to the next level

➕ You’ll learn to leverage:

  • Functional mobility
  • Elasticity
  • Plasticity
  • Expansive breathing

Phase THREE  |  Weeks 5 – 8


Strength is key to any physical skill. To optimize your abilities, we use progressive overload, gradually increasing demands on your body to encourage adaptation.

EMPOWER serves as a lab zone to:

  • Systematically and securely escalating the demands on your body
  • Utilize habit stacking and routines for day-to-day integration

➕ You’ll learn to leverage:

  • Habit stacking
  • Body-awareness
  • Workplace movement
  • Specific strengthening exercises
  • Correct alignment and bodymechanics

Phase FOUR  |  Weeks 9 & 10


As holistic beings, we are affected by both inner and outer turmoil. Stress is the main factor that has a harmful effect on our entire body—including our posture.

EVOLVE is where you learn to:

  • Dissolve stress with unique methods and techniques
  • Rise beyond yourself with fresh energy and a new zest for life

➕ You’ll learn to leverage:

  • Reduction of psychological & emotional factors
  • Sit, stand, and walk correctly
  • Correct breathing patterns
  • Rest & regenerate
  • Sleep

Phase FIVE  |  Weeks 11 & 12


We can lose any benefits we gain in a split second if we lack the persistence and grit to stay the course. We need to embody what we’ve learned and make it our identity.

REINVENT is designed to:

  • Allow challenges to shape you.
  • Adapt to changing needs and demands like it’s second nature

➕ You’ll learn to leverage:

  • Intuition
  • Connection
  • Integration


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Let's form a winning team

Why Me?

At the age of 36, I was fatigued, experiencing chronic pain from sports injuries, and close to burnout in my role as a project manager in the automotive industry.

This was despite having led a sportive lifestyle since the age of 3. Life happened, as they say. Until I decided to take fate into my own hands.

Over the past six years, I have become a yoga teacher, movement coach, and remote entrepreneur.

Along the way, I have implemented a variety of skills in the fields of physical, mental, and emotional optimization.

Not only have I rehabilitated my own body and become more resilient, but I have also successfully helped others do the same.

A functional aligned body is the hallmark of a healthy and fit lifestyle (or, more often, a lack thereof).

I help my high-achieving business clients feel great in their own skin like never before and live a better life by recovering their posture and overall health.

From slouching & a hunch back to
walking, standing, and sitting upright with ease

Here’s what happened when my clients took that first step…

"This is the most straight-to-the-point, practical, and applicable program I've taken to improve my posture. Markus' guidance on strengthening weak links, mobility and integrating it into my day are insightful and just doable. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life!"
Sarah Brown
"Best program I've ever taken. Worth waaaay more than the price of admission. My severe neck and shoulder pain is already better than it ever was. I didn't remember how a pain-free life felt like. And I'm feeling like wildfire."
Robert Stevenson
"Exceptional. No fluff. Insights are followed by actionable steps. Well worth the price of admission. Thanks to the coaching, I learned to improve my posture, and my pain vanished. Not only that, but my mood has improved, and I have better attention at work."
Emily Davis
Vice President of Marketing
"This is hands-down the highest ROI investment I've made for myself this year. My struggle was real. I often had headaches and they could ruin an entire day. But Markus’ coaching has changed everything for me by strengthening my weak points. Things that I would have never even thought about. Easily one of the best coaching I've ever gone through! I feel more energized, active, and confident now."
Stanley Broderick
Senior Sales Manager
"The Power Posture Program helped me to identify and correct my main issues, and now I feel much more comfortable and productive. One of the best programs I've taken to support me as an entrepreneur! Markus takes something that others make so complex to be simple and easy to understand while encouraging active participation in exercises that produce high-quality results. As a busy entrepreneur, this is so impactful and helpful!
Maria Rodriguez
"I used to suffer from chronic headaches and back pain, and it affected my personal and professional life. I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this program! It's packed with valuable and practical information and exercises and I'm already seeing results from getting into action!"
Kevin Jameson

Invest in a Better Life

If you’re waiting to be ready—it’ll never happen. 

Confidently Aligned Program

This is what you get…

Proven Postural Protocol

A skilled dedicated coach

One weekly coach meeting

Relevant Holistic Fitness Elements

Personal Support

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Twelve Weeks Journey



billed monthly

The 12-week Confidently Aligned Program costs $899 per month (for now), for a total of $2,697 for the entire package.

30-Day money back gurantee

We guarantee you will be fitter, healthier, and live a better life. 

We don’t guarantee you will achieve this goal in 12 weeks, because we can’t do the work for you. But we do guarantee that you will receive $899+ in value and service from us to make lasting changes in your life.

If you don’t feel we’ve given you that level of service, we’ll refund you 100% the day you tell us we suck.

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