Get holistically fit to maximize your return on life (and business).

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”
—Abraham Maslow

our approach

Beyond fitness & Wellness Coaching

Take your performance and well-being to the next level.

Sustainable success is rooted in unshakable wellness.

I am strong

The better you feel the more successful you'll be—not the other way round.

I am Balanced

Uncover your strengths, overcome obstacles, and become the best version of yourself.

I am fit and healthy

You won't be the same person you were before. Your identity will evolve along with your body—naturally.

I am calm and clear

Your inner and outer work will equip you with a clear self-understanding—leading to inner serenity.

I am fully energized

Feel more active and alive than ever before so you can succeed in business and enjoy life.

The Beyond Fitness Framework

“If you focus on strength AND mobility holistically you will outperform 99% of people.”

“What you eat impacts your energy, mood, and health – big time”

how we work

Focus on the Process. The Results are guaranteed.

Commit to Yourself—You will SEE and FEEL the transformation!

Phase 1

Assess your current state

You can’t change what you don’t see—let’s shed some light.

Phase 2

Implement healthy habits

Create sustainable changes you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

Phase 3

Pivot or proceed

We experiment. You keep what works and ditch the rest.

Our ultimate coaching program for individuals

Over the course of 6 months, this transformative coaching journey will help you improve the key aspects of your life. The program is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.


Your two dedicated coaches will help you clarify your goals, create a personal action plan, and follow through for a sustainable change. During your coaching, you will cover the elements of our Holistic Fitness model.

Personal Performance Plan

Two dedicated coaches

Two weekly coach meetings


You get all the elements of the Holistic Fitness model tailored to your needs. Everything is connected. That’s why you start with the most urgent one while carving out your new identity.






rest & recovery



We help you with targeted concerns like nutrition, exercise routines you can do anywhere, and stress management. We support you throughout your journey by sending direct messages as a personal ally, even outside of our private sessions.

Personal Support

Whatsapp, Telegram, slack

The Beyond Movement Method

Better Movement. Better life.

Together with Markus, you will create a personalized plan to uncover your weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and train your body through movement. You’ll become more self-aware and elevate your physical & mental performance.


Past injuries, mindless movement patterns, and a sedentary lifestyle have sculpted your body; now is the moment to reverse that.


Functionality results from our physical training for optimal Strength@Length, which includes flexibility and mobility.


The most important skill to master is strength. It's the stepping stone towards effortless movement and a better life.


Your body is a complex biomechanical tool. Top performance requires balance and the full range of motion.


You're prevented from reaching your full potential by weakness, pain, instability, or tension. They influence one another.

Beyond Nutrition

Better Nutrition.  Better life.

Together with Ketty, you will investigate the root causes of your diet (WHY). You’ll evaluate your present physical condition and establish smart goals to accelerate your development (WHAT). You will improve your eating experience (HOW) and satisfaction while living a better life.


You will overcome the restrictions that make you stressed out and contribute to weight gain by creating an intuitive eating regimen.


Mindfulness is the cornerstone of a successful and sustained healthy (food) lifestyle. You'll use some of it to create new habits and succeed long-term.


It's not about another diet. You're about to find an easy and intuitive eating style that suits you. Diets and diet mentality are bad for managing your weight.


Better mental energy. Better life.

Why do so many people struggle to live a fit, healthy, successful life? Successful on their own terms!

Intention, attention, and energy are cornerstones of a prosperous life.
Mindfulness is the gateway to all three.

Here’s how we use mindfulness for self-actualization:

beyond movement

Body awareness and mind-to-muscle connection during training and practice build new neural pathways. The inward focus makes exercising more effective and reduces your stress level.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can be reflective attention—the pure observation of your thoughts, emotions, and body reactions while eating. Or it is a pleasure boost to your eating experience—in all senses.

Intentional life design

A conscientious way of living leads to better decision-making. Control the person you create. This new identity may lead to a fully different future. Make yourself the CEO of your life.

What our clients say


"I feel this is one of the best investments I've done. I have added new routines in terms of food and workout. I feel I'm healthier already, with more energy, and also super motivated to keep continue working on myself."


"I loved working with Ketty and Markus. They inspire you to live better. In one month of coaching, we made changes that will stay with us for a lifetime. Their approach is unique as they aim to equip you for life - the best investment. Thank you!"


"I have a quite stressful and sedentary lifestyle. Phygitalme helped me improve flexibility, strength, and overall mind-body balance. I recommend their holistic approach to all those who want to enjoy life beyond fitness."


"This approach was exactly what I was looking for. In the past concentrating only on movement did not bring the expected success. Both Ketty and Markus are very passionate about their topics which made it easy for me to learn. They helped me stay motivated on my journey. I can very much recommend them. A success!"


"I can recommend Ketty's and Markus's approach as it is holistic and does not only focus on one specific aspect. Working with them is so much fun! As a fitness concept that you can do remotely, phygitalme is worth a try. Thanks a lot to both of you! :-)"

Invest in a Better Life

Create sustainable success with holistic fitness, health, and well-being.

beyond Fit

This is what you get…

Personal Performance Plan

Two dedicated coaches

Two weekly coach meetings

All Holistic Fitness Elements

Personal Support

Whatsapp, Telegram, slack

Six Months Journey



billed monthly

The 6-month package for Beyond Fit costs $1,499 per month, for a total of $8,994 for the entire package.

30-Day money back gurantee

We guarantee you will be fitter, healthier, and live a better life. 

We don’t guarantee you will achieve this goal in 3 months, because we can’t do the work for you. But we do guarantee that you will receive $1,500 in value and service from us to make lasting changes in your life.

If you don’t feel we’ve given you that level of service, we’ll refund you 100% the day you tell us we suck.

Book your FREE

360° Fit Strategy Call


We do a
30 min. strategy call

We audit your lifestyle from a holistic fitness and health view.


Get actionable
steps and proceed

Get actionable steps — even if you decide not to work with us.


You got some questions?

Let’s answer them…

“beyond Fitness” is a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness . We put together the key aspects of body and mind through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

In order to progress towards your goal of a fit, healthy, and happy life, body AND mind need to work in a balanced way.

The essence of the concept “holistic”, comes from the old Greek meaning holos =”whole”.

In order to tackle the real problem and find the best solution for you, we work on three basic aspects:

  • why you eat what you eat
  • basic nutritional knowledge
  • intuitive and mindful eating

It’s only by looking at your personal and very individual why, what and how, that you will build a long term good relationship with food and your body.

Our main goal is to find your unique way for improving your eating behaviour in a fashion that will become your own lifestyle.

Diets and deprivation mentality are completely banned from our approach.

“beyond Movement” applies the concept of mindfulness to movement. It means being fully present and sensing what’s going on in your body & mind – with intention.

An example of “beyond Movement” is breath awareness while moving (like in yoga) and also proprioception, which is your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location in space.

In a few words: It is the practice of body awareness in movement & training.

In short, because working with the combination of nutrition, movement and mindset will bring you long term results and you will be able to stay fit and vital.

It is only by integrating the body and mind aspects that you can reach a true and sustainable wellbeing.

For physical training and movement we use bodyweight only and sometimes some simple props you have at home.

If you are willing to reduce your body weight, there in no better way than having a holistic approach to it.

Losing weight and especially keeping the achieved results, is much more than calorie counting. The variables are more complex than just eating a bunch of food that are “good” for you. 

There are more than 29 long-term weight loss studies which have shown that more than 80% of lost weight was regained within a short time period.

Having a holistic approach on fitness, with nutrition, movement and mindfulness applied to those aspects, will be your biggest ally supporting you in your daily life.