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beyond Movement — Build strength, optimize energy, create your new fit identity

beyond movement

First time hiking at 3. First time on the ski at 3. First time on a tennis court at 4.
I started young and stayed active—throughout my life.
I was an athlete, but never elite.

Certainly, I had talent.
Though I didn’t like hard work—it needed to be fun.
If it was fun, I could spend hours and hours.

I didn’t have great coaches or trainers:
Old school methods, no growth mindset, and result-oriented only.

For consistent development, you need to play the infinite game.
You need goals and milestones—I don’t deny that.
But you must fall in love with the process.

I never had the chance of a professional career because I was injured too often.

Fail, learn, develop

When I started fitness and weight lifting nobody told me how to train for specific goals. Nobody told me what to take care of.
Nobody told me what to train and how to train in a way that would have fit my goals, my lifestyle – me.

After 23+ years of training with old injuries, I had built out severe imbalances throughout my body.

The past five years were a tough but rewarding journey of regeneration, learning, compounding, and building on it.

I realized that if you want to train your body right you need to address those imbalances first.
You need to integrate them into your practice.
We all have those imbalances.

My practice became “beyond Movement”—and is in a constant process of becoming. beyond Movement isn’t stagnant.
It’s training. It’s exploration. It’s discovery.
It’s changing. It’s transforming. It’s evolving.

This sounds mystic, right?
It isn’t.
It is the natural process of the ever-changing NOW.

This is my mantra for everything I learn.

What are the benefits of beyond Movement?

When starting a movement practice we usually want to get fitter, healthier, or simply look and feel better.

Beyond movement is a real magic bullet for energy, health, and performance.

Physical Level:

On a physical level you

• Grow muscle
Increase muscle mass through adaption to increased demand. This happens through progressive overload plus the right amount of rest and recovery.

• Tone muscle
Muscle tone is muscle resting excitability or performance readiness. The tone affects how muscles look and perform. Not only will you look more athletic—you ARE more athletic.

• Condition tendons and ligaments
Tendons and ligaments connect muscles to bones. With regular conditioning through movement, they become stronger. It’s as well an adaption of your nervous system.

• Strengthen bones
Regular exercise and movement practice increase bone density. It makes them stronger over time and less fragile. Inactivity causes loss—so we work against that.

• Control your joints
Most injuries occur because of a lack of joint control. Whether you lack strength, flexibility, or mobility—movement is the antidote. Full range-of-motion work reduces joint injury risk.

Mental and Emotional Level

Movement doesn’t only work wonders for your physical fitness and health.

It has the power to help you create a new identity.

You become what you regularly do.

• Optimize Energy
Regular movement practice supports and boosts your energy levels throughout the day. A morning session can energize you for the day. It can change your outlook and mental well-being.

• Become Happier
Movement releases endorphins—the happiness hormones. You clear your mind by taking a break from everyday challenges. It helps emotions literally move through your body.

• Build Confidence
Self-confidence is about self-actualization and understanding yourself better. Beyond Movement lets you explore and discover your body. It strengthens the connection you have with your body.

• Rise Resilience
Moving more doesn’t drain your energy—it makes you less tired in the long run. You build up energy reserves to function optimally in busy and stressful times. This stress vaccination keeps you from getting worn down and burnt out so easily.

• Sleep Better
The daily movement supports healthy, hormonally-regular sleep. You can also use it to improve your circadian rhythm. Use it for early wakefulness in the morning, or switching gears before noon.

What is beyond Movement?

Beyond movement is a multidisciplinary system to become stronger, more flexible, and agile, as well as deepen self-awareness.

It is a system to train the body and a gateway to move deeper into your mental capacity, creativity, and self-realization.

It’s the essence of yoga, calisthenics, functional mobility & conditioning, fascial tissue work, self-massage, breathwork, and mindfulness.


From Hatha yoga, I integrate alignment, stretching, and body/mind connection.


From calisthenics, I use the principles of bodyweight strength, biomechanics, and structural balance.

Functional Mobility & Conditioning

This is part of every deliberate movement practice to condition muscle, joints, structure, and strength through repetition.

Fascia Work

Fascia is a whole system in itself of connective tissue of long muscular trains, has its own nervous system, and regulates pain and agility.


Release tension, reduce pain, and increase potential with deep tissue work, massage in motion, and fascia release techniques.

Breath Work

I work with techniques to increase oxygen efficiency in the blood system through special VO2 max training, breath retention, and breath expansion for lung capacity.


Mindfulness is a tool to be fully present in the here and now to boost body/self-awareness, acceptance, and deep focus on the sensation.

How to use it

If this seems overwhelming—I can assure you, it isn’t. It’s not about doing everything at once. View it as a portfolio (or toolkit) you can draw from whatever is needed right now.

Parts of it I use daily, others when needed. For clients, we look at their goals and what tools we need to reach those goals safely.

I advise starting with functional strength for upper/lower body + core/deep core (core is more than abs!). Do this at your (current) full range of motion—everything else is cheating yourself.

What you need to start

Needing a gym makes room for excuses.

You can do basically everything with your own body weight and some simple props. Over time you develop the knowledge and creativity to use everything in your environment. You make it your playground.

Here’s what I use

Does this work anywhere?

I’ve lived a nomadic life since 2008. I found ways (and tools) that work wherever you are. My equipment fits in a carry-on on and adds up to 5-7 kg.

For starters, you don’t need equipment at all.

  • If you have access to water, go swimming (great total body workout)
  • If you have feet (and I hope you do), go for a walk—clock 10,000 steps every day
  • Take any physical activity you truly like and make it a deliberate, focused practice

What kind of preparation do you need?

It depends on your activity and level of readiness.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, never played any sports, or your active athletic career is a while ago—start easy and slow.

The worst thing you could do is want too much too fast. It leads to frustration and injury. Believe me, I’ve been there—too often.

Make an honest assessment. Lying to yourself won’t get you great results. If you want real data, do supervised performance diagnostics.

Start with some simple movements like rope jumping, jumping jacks, or burpees to bring your heart rate up.

Then I advise active and passive mobilization of joints and ligaments. This can be dynamic stretching and light resistance exercises.

Regular movement practice will boost your overall energy level. You become naturally stronger—physically and mentally. It can even enhance your creativity through new neural connections.

Movement is the best practice to increase health span and life span.

beyond movement is my holistic approach to building strength, creating self-awareness, and actualizing yourself. Consistent practice transmutes your being—it’s like reinventing yourself to thrive in life.

I would love for you to get started today. Set some goals, make a plan, and get active.

If you need and help with that, apply for a free strategy call and we’ll set you up for success.

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