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New Year’s resolution 2.0 — How to avoid delusion and disappointment

New Year's Resolution 2.0

Another “new” New Year’s resolution, another Year’s delusion.

I am talking about the need (or want) to lose those “extra” pounds (or kilos).

The desire to enhance your well-being, starting with your body.

For most people it goes like this:

“I will eat fewer sweets and more veggies—starting next week.”
“I will sign-up for the gym tomorrow and go 3x per week.”
“I will definitely start living a healthier lifestyle this year.”

You are not alone. We’ve all been there.

According to a survey by the Clinical Psychology Journal1 the most popular resolution for 2022 (the survey was U.S. based) was

  • living healthier (23%),
  • personal improvement and happiness (21%),
  • and losing weight (20%).

Does that sound familiar?

And here we are—almost at the end of this turbulent year—making a mental review of those past 12 months.

And yes, thinking of the upcoming ones 🙂

For many years I’ve been there myself.

Lots of “next year I will do this (and that)”.
“I want to have a leaner and stronger body, change those 2-3 habits, or so”.

And then walking into the year with the smell of those promises that will vanish soon.

You know you should change your strategy.

If you want to get ahead of 99% of people,
I have a way for you that really works (pinky swear).

Here are two points I am talking about:

First, have a new strategy in terms of the new year’s resolution itself.

Second, change the way you approach the action behind it—focus on being intentional and consistent with your habits.

New Year’s Resolution 2.0

How do you change strategy, so that the new year resolution does not become another delusion?

Instead of concentrating on the final result (and going all in) break down the wished result into specific targets—based on behavior.

Let’s make this more specific:

  • “I want to lose weight” or
  • “I want to get rid of my belly fat”,

don’t concentrate on the weight as a target.

Rather analyze and identify some of the habits that may contribute to feeling (and being) heavy.

Target those ones, with real specific resolutions, like:

  • “From today on I will take the stairs every time.”
  • “I quit the habit of eating late at night.”
  • “I prepare my food at least 5x a week.”

By focusing on specific actions, you will put your energy into creating new habits.
Exactly those habits will make your big resolution become reality.

Meet your biggest New Year’s Resolution allies: Intentionality & Consistency

By being intentional you put the stress on the goal you want to achieve with awareness.

You don’t do what you want to do, just because it needs to be done.

You do it because it is important for YOU. You have a sense of urgency.

If you are not sure about your level of intentionality, here is a useful framework for you:

Dr. WHATson’s Five

Imagine, you’ve already become your fit and healthy future self. How has your life been transformed for the better?

WHAT about this future is particularly important to you? (Choose the most important aspect)

WHAT, in turn, is so important to you about that?
And another time:

WHAT, again, is so important to you about that?
One more time:

WHAT, in turn, is so important to you about that?
(we are approaching the emotional core)

WHAT, again, is so important to you about that?
(you should have reached your emotional core now—write it down)

This is your motivation—your e-motion.

Consistency is what will make it happen!

Once you have your health and fitness final goal(s), identify a roadmap that gets you there.

Ideally, you lay it out in a “Year Resolution” — you know, NEW is just for maybe the first couple of weeks;) The words and psychology behind matter most 😉

5 ideas that help you succeed in your health and fitness goals

1/ Eco-system

Your physical and social environment plays a big role in supporting or preventing you from working on your personal development and health.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Set up your physical environment for success—eliminate what is challenging your willpower.

2/ Obstacles

When you experience setbacks on your journey to well-being (and there will be), know that guilt and an “all or nothing” mentality are big saboteurs. Don’t let them fool you!

3/ Self-tracking

Track yourself, but do it the right way. We aren’t always honest or objective with ourselves.

Ideally, find someone who supports you in tracking your progress! Don’t think about weighing yourself every day if you want to lose weight. Rather do a weekly average.

4/ Accountability

Find yourself an accountability partner. This is big!

“People are 65% more likely to meet a goal when they have an accountability partner and are 95% more likely to succeed when they regularly check in with their partner”. 2

5/ Self-compassion

Be grateful and compassionate with yourself. Your health and well-being journey is a lifelong one—it is a self-love journey. The more grateful and compassionate you are with yourself, the bigger and more sustainable your success will be!

Bringing it home…

New Year’s resolutions work in your favor—if done right.

You cannot achieve anything you want.

But you can increase the odds of achieving what you want—by working on what you can control.

You can control your body, your mind, and your emotions.

By working deliberately on yourself you set yourself up for greater success and happiness.

Sometimes by yourself—and sometimes with the help of others.

We wish you a successful end of this year and an amazing start to 2023.

Keep optimizing your energy, building strength, and thriving in life.

What’s currently going on in our world

We want to thank you all for being on this journey with us—and happy holidays.

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  1. “Success predictors, change processes, and self-reported outcomes of New Year’s resolvers and non-resolvers” — Clinical Psychology Journal
  2. An Accountability Partner Makes You Vastly More Likely to Succeed” by Barrett Wissman

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