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Do you feel that you need an ally to make lasting change stick?

The people in your corner can make or break your journey toward becoming your best self.

Today we dive into Phase 4 of “The Anatomy of Change” and explore how to set up a supportive system of peers for lasting personal growth.

In this edition, we discuss how surrounding yourself with the “right” individuals creates a positive environment that facilitates personal change.

Let’s get started…

2007 Richard Branson and the musician Peter Gabriel had a conversation. The idea they discussed was simple: many communities look to their elders for guidance, or to help resolve disputes.

In an increasingly interdependent world—a ‘global village’—could a small, dedicated group of individuals use their collective experience and influence to help tackle some of the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Peter and Richard took the idea to Nelson Mandela who went on to gather together a group of global leaders to discuss the potential of such an idea.

Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, and others led the development of the concept and, in July 2007, on Mandela’s birthday, The Elders held its inaugural meeting.

An ally is a force. The only way to know what an ally is is by experiencing it. We can walk the rocky path of personal change alone—but we are 10x more powerful together.

"The job of a good ally is not to save anybody but rather to help create the conditions under which people can assert and grow their own power."

The Anatomy of Change — Part 4

As mentioned in previous newsletters, personal change is a complex process that can be influenced by various mechanisms.

We call it “The Anatomy of Change”.

It’s a 9-phase process resulting in transformation:

Phase 4: Create a Support System

Let’s dive in…

What is a Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups are small, intimate circles (often entrepreneurs or professionals) that meet regularly to set goals, share challenges, and provide support to each other.

These groups are often self-organized and may have different structures and formats, but the underlying principle is mutual support and accountability.

These peer support networks work by creating a safe and confidential space where members can discuss their challenges, seek advice, and learn from each other’s experiences. Regular meetings and events facilitate open communication and foster a sense of camaraderie among the members.

Additionally, these networks often provide access to resources, expert speakers, and educational programs to support the professional and personal growth of their members.

How to apply the mastermind method to creating a fitter, healthier life

To apply the mastermind method to creating a fitter, healthier life, you can form a small group of like-minded individuals who share your goals.

Community is vital for health and happiness. This is one of the Blue Zones’ basic (areas with the highest concentration of centenarians). Community is built person by person through thoughtful design and authentic, energetic connection points.

Within the “right” community life becomes more energizing, exciting, and full of possibilities. You feel a sense of belonging—a deep relatedness and acceptance.

How to form your own “Healthier Life Mastermind”

Understand yourself first.

Become aware of who you are and intentional about what you want.

The RED is your Ego — the GREEN is your AUTHENTIC SELF (1)

Your Ego [RED] is afraid. It holds you back and makes you judge yourself and the world. It’s not self-aware and is always trying to prove itself.

The more you show up as yourself [GREEN] (choosing your behaviors, knowing your patterns, and changing them) the more you attract the people that truly “fit” you (and your future lifestyle).

What you create, creates you.

Let’s get intentional:

  1. What qualities should people in your mastermind (community) have?

    Think values, interests, beliefs, world view, etc.

    Our values for instance are freedomhealthcuriosity, sustainability, and trust.

    We believe together we can create a sustainably healthier planet, that in return creates healthier humans.

  2. What are the qualities we don’t want in our community?

    Think of certain behaviors or personality traits.

    For example, we don’t like shit-talkers, drama-kings & negative nancies, superficial & too lazy to evolve, or shoulder-shruggers.

  3. Which qualities do we want to embody (or improve) in order to attract the mastermind group we want?

    Again think of certain behaviors or personality traits.

The “Coach” as your best Ally

The most important part of having a strong support system for becoming your fittest and healthiest self is direct access to knowledge, experience, and accountability.

This makes coaching so powerful. You learn from someone who has learned, experimented, and figured out the best ways that work. I guess we all trust someone who has planned and built 50+ houses more than someone who studied how to build a house but never built one with his own hands.

To our clients and coachees, we form that ally. They never feel they must walk their path to a better, healthier life alone. We provide our best knowledge from more than 15 years of experience and got their back whenever they need us.

That’s it for today.

Hope you enjoyed it (and learned something new).

This is Part 4 of our big “Change Series”.

Revealing the other 5 phases over the next few weeks.

If you want to reread the previous parts… here you go:

Part 1: How to change yourself (and your life) on awareness

Part 2: How to get motivated (and never stop) on motivation

Part 3: How To Acquire New Knowledge (And Learn Faster) on learning new skills

What’s going on in our world

Sometimes we feel like there’s just too much going on in our beautiful world. In those moments, we’ve learned to stop and check our energy levels. We decide whether to keep pushing forward or take a break and recharge.

Managing time is great, but managing energy is even better.

Our book has made it to the editor. We will continue to work on delivering on our promises, sharing our knowledge and expertise, improving the UX on our website, and developing a short course.

It’s time to thank you all for being with us on this journey. We continue to deliver high value every week. We also want to thank our clients for their trust in us. You are the best in the world, and we’re proud of what you have achieved.

Our biggest motivation is our purpose, and the biggest reward comes from helping people. We’ve had another week full of learning and beautiful moments.

Talking about moments, here is a picture from one of our morning walks.

We keep working out, working, and enjoying life on our own terms. We are grateful and blessed.

As always, stay fit, stay active, and enjoy your life.

Ketty & Markus

  1. Agrawal, Radha. Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life (p.28).

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