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Are you feeling ready to take on the world and make a change in your life? Summer is the perfect time to harness that energy and turn your dreams into reality.

In today’s newsletter, we’ll explore the power of mindfulness and how it can help you make lasting changes. Plus, we’ll share some tips for shaking up your routine and getting back in touch with your curious nature.

Ready to jumpstart your life? Let’s dive in.

The summer initiation has a special energy. It creates that feeling to step up and take action. It’s the perfect time to realize what we’re dreaming about. Turning our thoughts into reality.

It’s that period of the year to break out of your routine and take action. This isn’t a time to procrastinate—take advantage of this energy now to jump start old projects or implement new ideas.

Wether it’s a business project, creating that fit and healthy body, or simply doing what feeds our soul.

Take spontaneous action.

Listen to your body.

Your body simply knows it.

Maybe you’re feeling more restless than usual. Motivated to examine what needs to be replaced in your life in order to free up your energy and time.

But don’t rush things.

Be mindful to go through all of your options before you make any permanent changes. Great decisions are made by your heart but backed by deep reflection.

Ideally, you’re not making impulsive or knee-jerk decisions.

Ask yourself, “Can this idea or project keep me invested for the long term?” and, “Do I have the energy to see this project through to completion?” and, “What truly excites my senses and how can I take action on this today?”

Why this works?

Long term goals need to be aligned with who we are deep inside. With our purpose, our deep sense of self. If this is not the case we won’t endure challenges and hard times. If it’s not a “Hell Yeah!”, it’s a NO!

Tim Ferris explains that better here than we can. It’s a pretty simple framework for decision making—and it frees up a lot of energy.

It’s the same with any practice that adds to healthy eating, training the body, or relaxing the mind. That’s why we co-create practices, habits, and and lifestyle with our clients that fits their life—their inner true nature.

Key Takeaways for today:

This time is a great opportunity to shake up your routine for the better, because your mind is more mentally stimulated than usual.

It’s also a chance to get back in touch with your curious nature. Try new foods. Explore your curiosities. Follow your heart.

Remember, even small changes can help inspire you to make bigger ones that can have a lasting effect.

If you’re not sure where to get started, think about what in your life needs to be reassessed so that you can experience more freedom.

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