Reclaim Your Vitality: Conduct a Personal Energy Audit


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Feeling drained and exhausted lately? Can’t figure out why?

It’s time for a Personal Energy Audit. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. By identifying the sources of your energy drain, you can make positive changes to boost your vitality and feel more energized throughout the day.

In today’s issue, we’ll provide you with a practical framework for conducting a ruthless personal energy audit.

Let’s get started!

The Personal Energy Audit

Feeling a bit low on energy lately? We’ve got a solution for you!

Did you know that you can’t change what you’re not aware of? Knowing yourself can have a huge impact on your energy levels. That’s why a ruthless energy audit is exactly what you need.

Everything that doesn’t support your energy—regularly drains it. Leaving you exhausted. And you may not even be aware of why.

That’s why it’s critical to know your “energy thieves” that steal your vital life force.

Take a moment to reflect and list all the energy thieves. Grab a pen & paper, your phone, or make a list on your computer. Here are six categories to help you reflect:

  • Nutrition & Hydration (highly processed food, sugar, alcohol)
  • Movement & Exercise (lack of strength, flexibility, mobility, physical pain, tension)
  • Mindfulness (negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, rehearsing the past, living in the future)
  • Sleep & Rest (time and quality of daily rest & recovery)
  • Social Connection (personal ecosystem with family, friends, spouse, colleagues, etc.)
  • Stress Management (management of work and private life)

Let’s make this more specific with a practical example you can start with:

When it comes to physical energy, nutrition has a direct impact. While there are biological and psychological connections between the two, we want to focus on one aspect: mindless eating.

Mindless eating—both in terms of what we eat and how we eat—can quickly drain our energy. Unconscious food choices have short-term & long-term health & energy consequences.

Food and drinks affect our insulin level, and therefore our personal energy level. When we eat mindlessly, we tend to eat faster, more, and with increased stress.

Here’s a simple framework for your mindless eating audit:

  1. Log in every food you eat and every drink you have throughout the day (yup even that tiny cookie you eat with your after-lunch coffee).
  2. Watch your body after each meal (how do you feel 10, 30, and 60 minutes after your meal – do you notice an energy drop?).
  3. Note down with + and – if you sensed an increase or drop in energy (and the time frame when it occurred).
  4. Do this for three days straight.

This is a mindful exercise. That means: no self-judgment, no need to change immediately, and some self-compassion.

Take care of yourself and your energy levels, and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

What’s going on in our world

We keep on experimenting with location-independent holistic training and exercising not only to keep us fit and energized but to deliver our clients tailored action plans for their individual needs.

Additionally, we’re working on a challenge with our friend Aya. She’s a healthy productivity expert. We’ll keep you posted on this  😉.

Last weekend we took a trip to Celestun, a small beach town west of Merida. We drove through some rural areas. Seeing the poverty and simplicity with which people live here puts things into perspective. We are fortunate to be able to build a life on our own terms.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and stay active!

Ketty & Markus

P.S. For the readers, we created an ultimate guide for more energy (high value for 0$)—Personal Energy Management 101. Read it here.

P.P.S. For the watchers, we revived our YouTube channel. Check it out here and subscribe. We’re just getting started.

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