8 evening habits for a peaceful and productive day ahead


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Start your day off right with these eight simple evening habits. They will help you boost your mental and emotional energy, set the tone for the day, and increase your productivity.

Say goodbye to morning chaos and hello to a peaceful and productive day ahead.

The best morning routine?

Starts the night before.

8 evening habits that make all the difference.

1. Write down tomorrow’s 3:3:3 plan

• 3 hours on your most important project
   (or two 90min. bouts of intentional laser-focused work)

• 3 shorter tasks

• 3 maintenance activities

Having a “productive day” is essential for mental and emotional energy.

Or else you’ll never have peace of mind (even with excellent output).

Source: Oliver Burkeman

2. Wrap up the workday with a shutdown ritual

Create a short shutdown ritual. Close your laptop, plug in the charger, and clean up your desk in a minute.

If you like, write down one thing that went well today. And one thing that didn’t go well. What can you do better next time?

Then say “shutdown”.

It’s important to separate life and work.

3. Journal 1 fabulous life moment

Delicious tacos, client call you crushed, a moment you felt truly at peace.

Write it down.

Oprah Winfrey reportedly likes to write down five things that she’s grateful for every night before bed.

Gratitude programs the mindset for abundance.

4. Lay out cloths

Get exercise clothes ready for tomorrow. Upon waking, exercise for 20-30 min. It will activate your body + mind and set the tone for the day.

We love to do our daily movement practice outdoors whenever possible. It kicks off the circadian rhythm naturally without tons of caffeine.

5. Pack healthy snacks

“Hangry” people are the worst—I know that from experience. Fix that.

But simple sugar doesn’t give you energy—it spikes it. Then crashes it all at once.

Pack some healthy snacks (e.g. a hand full of almonds or walnuts)

6. Charge your phone out of reach

The morning alarm will kick your butt out of bed. And the day is on.

7. Practice Progressive Deep Breathing

A while ago, we wrote a popular article on a better method for 4-7-8 breathing—Progressive Deep Breathing.

This breathing technique will help you alleviate stress and fall asleep fast.

The additional benefit: you train your breath over time for a better deep sleep which helps to restore your body.

Check it out here.

(Going to bed at the same time every night also helps).

8. Give your mind an overnight task

Before closing your eyes, give your mind a job. “How can I free up 10h per week to invest in my fitness, health, and well-being?”

Don’t ponder on it then; just release it to your subconscious (which will work on it overnight).

Credit: LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman

That’s it for this week.

What’s going on in our world

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This guide summarizes our knowledge and expertise in personal energy management, providing actionable tips and easy-to-implement habits for a big impact.

This week, we reached our second slow nomadic destination in our Mexican trip.

We have settled down in Merida and now live in a beautiful apartment filled with positive energy and the morning songs of birds.

It is now time to begin the exploration. This weekend, we will head to Uxmal to visit some Maya ruins and take a refreshing swim in the surrounding cenotes.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay active!

Ketty & Markus

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