Supercharge Your Mind! Eliminate this 1 Habit for a Sharper Brain!


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Today at a Glance

Supercharge your mind

Your brain is an incredible tool.

Capable of remarkable things.

When you set your mind on chasing impossible goals, you’ll attract the right methods and people to help you achieve them.

Your brain has the power to transform you, granting you skills, languages, and abilities that you couldn’t possibly imagine right now.

But here’s the thing:

Your brain can also trap you in slow and unproductive patterns.

It’s up to you how you use it.

In today’s world, you have more capability and freedom than ever before to build your habits. Yet, most people are caught in the distractions of everyday life.

And here’s the harsh truth:

Most people’s habits are wrecking their brains.

These destructive habits hinder your progress.

In this issue, we’ll shed light on the #1 toxic habit that is demolishing your brain. And more importantly, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to train your brain and achieve the results you desire.

"If we start right, it is easy to go right all the time; but if we start wrong, we may go wrong, and it will be a hard matter to get right."

Starting your Day like a Snail

The #1 toxic and destructive habit that’s wrecking your brain is starting your day like a snail.

Most people have trained their brains to be sluggish in the morning.

Think about it.

How long does it take you to crawl out of bed when you wake up?

What’s the first thing you do?

What’s on your mind?

What do you read, watch, and eat?

What are you searching for?

Chances are, your mornings are keeping you trapped in a slow-motion nightmare. Your brain can’t get into flow when you’ve conditioned it to move slowly.

Most people take forever to get started on anything.

They spend their mornings mindlessly consuming content on their phones, never getting into the “FLOW” state that leads to optimal performance. They’re so hooked on consumption that they can’t even function without it.

Escape the busyness trap

Starting your day with mindless consumption throws your brain into a state of over-analysis.

Over-analysis is a recipe for disaster.

Just think about how many random ideas and bits of information you come across in a mere five minutes on Instagram. Starting your day like this leaves your brain confused and scattered, dooming you to a day of mental paralysis.

When you involve yourself in too many things before getting down to what boosts your energy, you sabotage your success and invite unnecessary distractions.

Being busy doesn’t make you productive; it makes your brain sluggish.

Instead of filling your day with busyness, it’s far more powerful to have crystal-clear clarity about your top priority and then dive headfirst into it each morning.

If you train your brain to shift into high gear, tap into a state of flow, and tackle truly important tasks, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

Gain momentum to supercharge your mind

Do you want to supercharge your brain and ride the wave of flow?

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Wake up and shake off the sleepiness.
  • Get out of bed like a champion.
  • Make your bed to set the tone for a victorious day.
  • Hydrate your body and give your brain a refreshing boost.
  • Dive straight into your #1 task as quickly as possible.

By #1 task, I mean tackling something that can truly transform your life. Believe in your body and brain’s ability to conquer that task first, because you absolutely can!

For example, in our case, we value fitness as the foundation to win the day.

Movement and exercise boost energy in both the body and the brain. At the same time, you strengthen your muscles and build an agile, functional body that in turn leaves you with a flexible, functional brain.

Simultaneously you set yourself up to become fitter, leaner, and healthier from day one.

It’s either one day or day ONE.
You decide.

Doing your workout, exercise, and movement practice mindfully and with full engagement you train your brain to wake up alongside your body and witness the massive progress you can achieve.

Don't wait for January 1st — start today.

Wrapping it up:

You’ll accomplish so much more by going full throttle right from the start, leaving others in the dust.

So, rev up your engine and start moving in the right direction as soon as you wake up.

If you get this piece right, you’ll achieve more before noon than most people do in an entire week because their sluggish brains hold them back.

That’s it for today.

Hope you enjoyed it (and learned something new).


As always, stay fit, stay active, and enjoy your life.

Ketty & Markus

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