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It was in a surf camp in Sri Lanka back in late 2015 that Markus discovered yoga which later changed the course of his life.

But he also fell in love with surfing. It’s one of the most challenging sports to learn.

Even if he hasn’t surfed since 2019 the mentality, benefits, and mindset are carved in. Today we share with you how to ride the waves of business & life like a pro.

OPTIMIZE ENERGY—one framework

The Surfer Mentality

Surfers have a different mentality than any other tribe of sports fanatics.

Surfers who are truly passionate about riding waves have a deep connection with and respect for the ocean. For them, surfing is a way to connect with nature and experience a sense of freedom and exhilaration.

It’s almost like a spiritual practice. The pursuit of the perfect ride is at the heart of their surfing mentality.

So it’s about a big audacious goal, purpose, and passion.

At the heart of the surfer mentality is a sense of respect for the power of the ocean and the ever-changing nature of the waves. They recognize that every wave is different and presents its own challenge.

They take on these challenges, striving to improve their skills and push themselves to the next level.

We have limited control over our circumstances. However, we can upgrade our bodies and minds and take control of them.

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Serious surfers have a strong grasp of ocean dynamics, such as how waves form, how tides and currents affect them, and how various surf breaks interact with the ocean.

This understanding enables them to read the waves and position themselves for the best ride.

In business, this applies to how well you understand your market, can predict future trends, grasp your ideal customer and niche, and how various dynamics interplay.

Surfing is more than a physical activity; it’s a mentality. Often characterized by a sense of camaraderie and community.

Surfers will spend hours in the water, challenging each other, encouraging each other to improve, and celebrating the joy of a great ride. There is no room for competitive thinking.

Your personal ecosystem—the people you surround yourself with—should be positive, challenging, encouraging, and supportive for optimal energy.

Build your surfer mentality to optimize your energy in daily life (and business).

BUILD STRENGTH—one exercise

Surfing requires a combination of strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. To build strength for surfing, surfers typically focus on exercises that target the muscles used during surfing.

A surf coach once, when asked how to get better at paddling, replied:

“Get on your board and paddle.”

Here are some basic principles of how surfers can build strength:

  1. Develop a Consistent Practice: Building physical strength requires consistent effort over time. Just as a surfer needs to practice regularly to develop their skills, building strength requires regular exercise, training, and a commitment to self-improvement.

  2. Focus on Mind-Body Connection: Surfing requires a strong mind-body connection, and building physical and mental strength also requires a focus on this connection. This means tuning into the body’s signals and responding with care and attention, as well as developing mental focus and resilience.

  3. Prioritize Rest and Recovery: Building strength requires effort, but it’s also important to prioritize rest and recovery. Just as surfers need to allow their bodies time to recover after a long day in the water, building strength requires adequate rest, sleep, and time for recovery.

This time we have a simple exercise for you that’s actually not so easy:

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement takes your quality of exercise to the next level.

Let’s take walking for simplicity.

Next time you go for a walk (getting your 10k steps in for the day) focus 100% on HOW your walk.

Start with your feet.
How do you set them on the ground?
Are your toes facing outwards or straight?
Do you roll from heel to big toe on the outside edge with a stable ankle?

Grab your pelvis on the sides.
Is it tilting or twisting in any way or is it stable?
How do your hips move while you walk?

Then become aware of your upper body.
What’s the position of your upper body?
Are your shoulders parallel to your pelvis or is your spine slightly twisted?
Is your upper body stable or does it turn with every step?
Do you have a straight or hollow back?

Tune into your body and make your motion mindful.

THRIVE IN LIVE—one mindset

Last but not least let’s elaborate more on how you can apply a surfers mindset in your (work) life.

We listed 5 key aspects of the surfer mindset that can help you thrive.

Here they are:

  1. Resilience: 
    Surfing requires persistence, resilience, and an unyielding determination to overcome any and all obstacles. Even experienced surfers often experience setbacks like wipeouts and turbulent waves, and the same can be said for life and business.

    When faced with challenges, it is essential to maintain a resilient attitude and continue forward without giving up, no matter what. This will not only help us achieve success but also build up our self-confidence and persistence so that when future struggles come our way, we have the strength and ability to overcome them.

  2. Adaptability: 
    Surfing also requires adaptability, as surfers need to adjust to changing ocean conditions and waves.

    In business, being adaptable and flexible can help people navigate changing market conditions and unexpected challenges. In life, it’s an unbeatable remedy for uncertainty; it makes you almost impervious to any occurrences.

  3. Focus: 
    Surfing requires a lot of focus and concentration, as surfers need to be present in the moment and fully engaged in their actions. Reading the ocean and applying the right timing to catch the wave requires 100% attention.

    Business professionals can experience a 500% increase in productivity when they enter a state of flow, according to a study conducted by Steven Kotler with top executives. Additionally, the quality of the work also improves.

  4. Mindfulness: 
    Surfing also encourages mindfulness, as surfers need to be aware of their surroundings, their body, and their thoughts. It’s the perfect example of balancing interoception and exteroception.

    Practicing mindfulness in life and business can help to reduce stress and increase self-awareness. That means you’re fully present without the mental chatter in the back of your head.

  5. Passion: 
    Surfing is often driven by passion and love for the sport, nature, and your tribe of fellow surfers.

    In life (and business) having a passion for one’s work can help to stay motivated and committed to your goals. Loving what you do, where you are, and who you’re with increases your chances of overcoming any adversity.

By embracing these aspects of the surfer mindset, you can develop a resilient, adaptable, and focused approach to life and business that will certainly help you thrive.

So, as you approach the coming days, we would encourage you to consider adopting the Surfer Mentality:

Enjoy every ride while it lasts!

We’d love to hear from you:

  • Which application of the Surfer Mentality speaks to you the most?
  • Have you tried the Mindful Movement exercise?

Simply send us an email. We’re keen to read your answers.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay active!

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