Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with Fascial Lines, Forward Fold, & More


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OPTIMIZE ENERGY—one framework

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with Fascial Lines

Optimize Your Movement Patterns and Improve Your Posture

My osteopath and friend Dr. med. Marion Leichtle introduced me to the concept of fascial tissue and trains in one of our sessions years ago.

The “founding fathers” of fascia are Thomas W. Meyers and Robert Schleip.

Thomas W. Meyers is an American anatomist who developed the concept of fascial lines or myofascial meridians.

This concept describes how fascia—the connective tissue in the body—is arranged in continuous lines that link muscles and bones across multiple joints.

Meyers’ concept of fascial lines reveals how the body’s structures are interconnected, offering a holistic approach to movement and posture.

By understanding the function of each fascial line, you can unlock your body’s full potential and move with ease.

Meyers identified several fascial lines, each with a distinct path and function.

Here are the 5 most well-known:

1/ Superficial front line:

This fascial line runs from the top of the feet, up the front of the legs, torso, and neck, and ends at the brow ridge.

It supports the body’s forward movement and helps maintain posture.

2/ Superficial back line:

This line runs from the bottom of the feet, up the back of the legs, torso, and head, and ends at the forehead.

It supports the body’s backward movement and helps maintain an upright posture.

3/ Lateral line:

This line runs along the outside of the legs, hips, and torso, and ends at the head.

It supports the body’s side-to-side movement and helps maintain balance.

4/ Spiral line:

This line spirals around the body, connecting the feet, legs, torso, shoulders, and head.

It helps the body rotate and twist.

5/ Deep front line:

This line connects the feet, legs, torso, diaphragm, and neck.

It supports the body’s breathing and helps maintain spinal alignment.

Let’s recap:

Meyers’ fascial line concept is widely used in the fields of anatomy, physical therapy, and movement therapy.

It highlights the interconnectedness of the body’s structures and the importance of treating the body as a whole rather than focusing on individual muscles or joints.

By understanding the fascial lines, you can address the body’s functional movement patterns more effectively.

BUILD STRENGTH—one exercise

Unlock Your Back and Neck with the Fascial Forward Fold

Do you often experience tension or stiffness in your back and neck?

Learn how to perform the Fascial Forward Fold and make your fascia happy!

One specific exercise that can help unlock the superficial backline—according to the myofascial meridian concept by Thomas W. Meyers—is the Standing Forward Fold.

Here are the steps to perform this exercise:

  1. Begin by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by your sides.

  2. Take a deep breath in and raise your arms overhead.

  3. As you exhale, hinge at the hips and fold forward, bringing your hands down towards the ground.

  4. Allow your head and neck to relax and let your arms hang freely.

  5. Keep your knees slightly bent and your weight evenly distributed between your feet (weight slightly on the balls of your feet).

  6. Hold the pose for 5-10 deep breaths, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings, calves, and back (and even to the crown of your head).

  7. To come out of the pose, slowly roll up one vertebra at a time, keeping your head and neck relaxed until you are standing upright.

Dynamic Variation:

In your forward fold engage the calves, hamstrings, gluteus, and pelvic floor. Then reach with your hands to the floor 2 feet in front of you.
Make it a bobbing, bouncing motion.
Our fascia loves dynamic stretchy movements.

Let’s recap:

This exercise helps to stretch and lengthen the entire length of the superficial backline, including the hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae muscles, and neck muscles.

It can be performed daily as part of a regular movement or stretching routine to help improve posture, flexibility, and overall body awareness.

We love to do those right in the morning after waking. Morning motion is daytime lotion.

THRIVE IN LIVE—one mindset

How a Smooth and Functional Fascia Can Fuel Your Success

As an entrepreneur, you know that success requires more than just hard work and determination.

It also requires a mindset that enables you to perform at your best—day in and day out.

And one of the keys to that mindset is a smooth and functional fascia.

By understanding the importance of your fascia and taking steps to keep it healthy, you can unlock new levels of mobility, energy, and vitality that can drive your success to new heights.

So don’t let a stiff or dysfunctional fascia hold you back.

Embrace the power of a healthy fascial system and thrive in your business (and your life):

1/ Improved mobility and flexibility

A healthy fascial system helps maintain and improve joint mobility and flexibility.

This can be crucial for entrepreneurs who spend long hours sitting or standing in one position.

2/ Enhanced physical performance

A well-functioning fascia can help improve balance, coordination, and overall physical performance.

This can be especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who need to be alert and focused throughout the day.

3/ Reduced risk of injury

A smooth and elastic fascia can help absorb shock and distribute forces evenly throughout the body, reducing the risk of injury from repetitive movements or sudden impacts.

Just to make sure you’re well-equipped for your next great adventure.

4/ Increased energy and vitality

A healthy fascial system can help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall energy and vitality.

Show me ONE entrepreneur who doesn’t need to stay sharp and focused throughout the day.

5/ Better stress management

Fascia contains nerve receptors that respond to stress.

A healthy fascial system helps regulate the body’s stress response, improving resilience and coping abilities during high-pressure situations.

Bringing it home:

A smooth and functional fascia can help entrepreneurs feel more comfortable, confident, and focused, enabling them to perform at their best and achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency.

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