From Fiat 500 to Ferrari 250 GTO: 3 Proven Hacks to Upgrade Your Physical Energy


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Today at a Glance

Do you ever feel drained and empty, lacking the energy to pursue the things you love?

Time may be a precious resource, but without the energy to make the most of it, it’s worth little.

In today’s issue, we share three actionable hacks to boost your physical energy and help you create the life you want.

So, let’s dive in!

95% of people say time is the most precious resource we have. We disagree. What is your time worth if you don’t have the energy to do the things you love and create the life you want?

As former project and sales managers, we’ve learned to schedule and organize tasks with fully packed calendars (aka time management).

And yet we often felt drained and empty needing the weekend to recover. We were left unfulfilled and questioning if this is all there is.

We got so caught up in juggling all the tasks of business and daily life that “busyness” became the reaction to this state of low energy. Only heading faster in the wrong direction was not the solution.

We needed to stop procrastinating our life—starting with the root cause: our personal energy management.

The first step to feeling energized and enthusiastic in order to kick off your days with the right amount of power is to focus on your physical energy.

Today we share with you 3 actionable hacks that actually work. Upgrading your physical energy, is like trading in a Fiat 500 for a Ferrari 250 GTO, if you put these practices into action.

We want to warn you. Sustainable personal energy requires significant effort and time investment. However, it is a worthwhile cause that deserves (self-)care and (self-)love.

1.  Leverage the power of natural cycles

  • On a seasonal level:

    Switch your mindset and start building your habits so that you can thrive no matter which season and how grey it can get. With discipline and the right habits, you don’t need motivation.

  • On a daily basis:

    Take advantage of your natural circadian rhythm, which you are “equipped with,” and start leveraging it in your favor.

    Aim for at least 15 minutes of sunlight exposure after you wake up.

    It does not need to be sunny, in almost every part of the world you will get sunlight in the morning.

    Our human systems are directly connected with nature’s rhythm. Every time we ignore it, we drain our energy.

2. Don’t focus solely on cardio or strength training

This will impact the quality of your overall rest—in particular sleep.

Instead of just doing cardio or strength training, alternate between the two. After strength training, your muscles need time to recover and build, so your body will naturally rest those muscles through sleep.

And on your cardio days, your body will burn calories and fat deposits, leaving you exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. Research shows that 60% of people who strength train sleep for at least 7 hours per night. Give your body what it needs and switch things up!

Bonus Tip:

Depending on your goals you can lean more to the strength or to the cardio/endurance side.

3. Eat Real Food

“What is ‘real food’?” you might ask.

Single-ingredient food that you can eat whether stand-alone or use to create your meals.

Actionable Tip:
Look at your current food consumption and analyze how much of your current diet is made of processed or ultra-processed foods.
If processed foods make up the majority of your diet, start by reducing your consumption of these foods. Aim to consume at least 80% real food.

Real Food

Let’s recap:

Personal energy encompasses more than just physical energy. But mastering the basics of physical energy is a good starting point.

Making slow changes like leveraging natural cycles, mixing strength training and cardio, and eating real food help gradually level up our personal energy baseline.
It might even help to achieve our goals faster and take on new challenges with confidence.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

What’s going on in our world

We found a public sports ground with a basic calisthenics park approximately 2 km from our lovely apartment. Since May is supposed to be the hottest month here in Merida (we didn’t know that) we try to finish our daily movement practice latest at 8 am.

It’s amazing to see hundreds of locals moving their bodies in the early morning.

We are very fortunate because we love fresh fruit and veggies. And here it certainly tastes much more intensive than in northern European countries. We only know that from Sicily.

At the moment is mango season. And the dragon fruit season is about to start.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay active!

Ketty & Markus

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