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Unlock your energy and vitality [and regain personal freedom]

Unlock your energy and vitality

People often ask us about our nutrition, physical practice, and inner work to level-up their energy & vitality to enjoy work & life.

We have build systems and practices of intuitive eating and what we call “beyond movement”.

Before we go deeper, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of what we call “holistic well-being”:

  • You feel energized, vibrant, and content with yourself, at work and in life
  • You feel authentic, fulfilled, healthier, happier, and full of energy from inside and radiate that
  • You resolve the old baggage that blocks the energy of your body, mind, and spirit
  • You become self-aware, understand your needs and discover your inner core
  • You become the CEO of your body & mind
  • You feel content because you know and trust yourself

Our body, mind, emotions, and spirit build an integrated whole, rather than being separate parts.

Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are deeply interconnected and interwoven.

Isolation, social distance, lack of exercise, questioning the meaning of our lives affect our minds and emotions and damage our spiritual connection to each other.

If you’re keen to understand WHY it’s important to work on body AND mind, read on.

Let’s dive in on what we focus on here

Physical Fitness

Physical well-being is somehow equated with the absence of illness. However, simply being “not sick” does not mean a better quality of life.

We even want to be physically fit, strong, and flexible, nourish our body with high-quality food, sleep well and radiate high positive energy the whole day.

Here is how we approach it:

“beyond movement”

WHY it is important

Movement is the essence of life. Everything is constantly in motion. Within us and around us.

Our physique, brain, and body composition change every day down to a cellular level.

New cells are created, and old ones die. Every 7 years our cells have renewed completely.

We want to be active, strong, and flexible. We want to feel sexy, confident, and healthy.

WHAT it is

It is a merge of calisthenics, yoga, and functional mobility conditioning – coupled with mindfulness.

It is daily prehabilitation – regaining lost or never existing strength, flexibility, and mobility + preparing for increasing future demand

HOW we approach it

beyond movement is a practice – meaning you do it every day.

We use only body weight and some simple props.

It is a progressive approach. You start at your level.

You build a strong foundation, learn, and develop on the go.

It might become your life-long favorite practice.


WHY it is important

Food is your fuel!

You ARE because of your energy,

You DO because you are driven by your energy.

The food you eat directly impacts the quality of your work & life.

Your performance is the result of your physical, mental, and emotional energy.

Healthy nutritious food is a key aspect of your physical & mental energy.

It affects your mood and intellectual energy, which directly impacts your productivity and motivation.

WHAT it is

Nutrition is way more than eating and managing your weight.

How you nourish your body impacts your fitness level, vitality, body weight, health, and how content you are with yourself.

Eating nourishing food is part of your vital activities, and being busy with all your duties and doings in life, you tend to forget to dedicate nutrition the attention it deserves.

HOW we approach it

Our nutrition system is simple and easy to implement.

For optimal nutrition we concentrate on the below 5 key aspects:

  • Balance
  • Performance booster
  • Sustainability
  • Supports your ideal body shape
  • Enjoyment

We work at all the mentioned aspects through a base of scientific knowledge, paired with personal experience, refined by our client’s learning and successes.


WHY it is important

Breath is your life energy. You can survive a couple of weeks without food, a couple of days without water, but only a couple of minutes without oxygen.

Proper oxygenation of your brain and body has a tremendous effect on your performance.

Breath is the only function of the autonomic nervous system we’re able to influence.

As such the breath acts as a direct connection between the body and the mind.

WHAT it is

Breath work originates from the yogic pranayama practice and can be defined “as a manipulation of breath movement and training of the respiratory muscular and nervous system”.

It is used to optimize oxygenation in the cardiovascular system and decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

Psychologically it leads to increased comfort, relaxation, pleasantness, vigor, and alertness, and reduced symptoms of arousal, anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion.

HOW we approach it

We found that methods around voluntary slow and deep breathing combined with breath holds work best to increase performance in the long run.

It has the same effect as high-altitude training.

Several other techniques can be used for short-term high alertness and weak fullness or training the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles.

Mind Fitness

A fit mind includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make good choices.

Think of it as your command center. Your mind controls you and your life.

If you want to thrive in life, you better learn how to control what controls you.

Here is how we approach it:


WHY it is important

It all starts from the seeds planted in our minds.

That’s how we like to think of mindset: a set of seeds that will grow and create the ecosystem from which your thoughts, intentions, and actions will develop from.

In other words: Your mindset is our operating system.

Your mindset shapes your identity and eventually your work & life.

WHAT it is

Let’s trim down the different pieces that make up your mindset:

It’s all your values, your beliefs, the knowledge you’ve gained, and your natural temperament.

All this is your operating system and shapes your daily choices (or “not” choices).

HOW we approach it

Becoming aware of what moves you and identifying your internal helpers and saboteurs, will create a solid base for success & happiness.

All the accomplishments we are missing out on, the success we are lacking, are often only one perspective shift away.

You will create the ideal terrain for implementing your success plan by identifying the most important mindset traits for your progress, learning new patterns, and eventually unlearning what is limiting you.


WHY it is important

Mindfulness helps you to condition and train your mind to become more aware of your internal state and your external surroundings.

It helps you to tap into your unknown or covered physical, psychological, and emotional patterns.

You get acquainted with yourself and become a better, entrepreneur, leader, parent, spouse, etc. [you get the point] and gain the ability to shape your work and life consciously.

WHAT it is

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware of the HERE and NOW.

Sensing [using your five senses] and observing [using your mind] what’s going on inside you and in the world around you.

You stop thinking, judging, reasoning, rehearsing past events, planning future events, etc. – you just watch.

HOW we approach it

Awareness increases the more you practice mindfulness to shape the outcome of your conscious behavior.

beyond movement is the practice of conscious movement while training functional strength, flexibility, and mobility with one’s body weight or simple props.

Mindful eating is another practice that includes knowing and experiencing which foods nourish best your body and mind and enjoying the simplicity of essential foods. And you develop the consciousness that your food choices impact our energy, vitality, and the environment.


WHY it is important

Do you know why habits are so powerful? Well, the answer is easy, they have a compound effect.

Habits are like love.

Eventually, you are not going to love your partner because he/she smiled at you when you met the first time.

You are going to love them because he/she is supporting you in your life every day.

Same with your body.

You are not going to get a lean and healthy body because you once went to the gym for 2 hours, but because you are keeping on moving every day.

Habits shape your health and success like nothing else.

They are your greatest allies or your biggest saboteurs, depending on the quality of your habits.

WHAT it is

Think of habits and routines as the system of your core processes that runs your life.

Every day you perform a huge number of automated behaviors and actions, without even realizing it.

Everything that is not habitual usually needs a decision.

Think of habits as fantastic supporters that make your life easier, since you don’t need to spend all that energy you would need to decide about every single action you do.

HOW we approach it

We have developed a system that helps to disrupt bad habits and condition yourself on good ones.

With the help of winning techniques, we reshape your habits and support you with easy tricks to overcome your biggest barriers for quicker and more effective changes.

Solid systems and practices help you to run your business and life smoothly and in the best way possible.

Building bulletproof systems and practices that enhance sustainably your energy & vitality, health & well-being has become our passion AND obsession.

It’s all about creating the foundation to

Explore More. Create Your Purpose. Enjoy Work & Life

We envision a future in which the vast majority of people feel energized all day, every day, while wholeheartedly pursuing their purpose, and working together globally to maintain and shape a thriving planet Earth.

We believe that the best way to create that future is to work on yourself, through yourself, while supporting each other along the way and building it together.

About the Authors

Ketty & Markus are health & fitness accelerators for Entrepreneurs merging optimal performance with well-being. They dive deep into holistic fitness, building a functional fit body & mind, and optimizing energy to provide actionable steps for building, living & enjoying a high-impact life.

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