Optimize your

Wellness, Energy, and Vitality

while Managing the Demands of Work (and Life)

Wanna start a new life?
A sugar-free one?

Online Course — Your Sugar Free Life

Cut down on sugar in 21 days to:

Get from here 🪫

  • Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay productive and energetic
  • Working in a high-pressure environment that leaves no energy to do the things you love
  • Suffering from stress and anxiety, because immense responsibility weighs on you
  • Working 10+ hours per day leaves no time for physical activity and regeneration
  • Realizing that your relationship, family life, and/or health suffer

To there 🔋

  • Feel full of energy, get things done, and construct a high-impact life
  • Build systems to automate exercising, eating healthy, and being fit (again)
  • Feel relaxed, have resilience and peace of mind
  • Create high-energy habits and optimize performance and well-being
  • Regenerate your private life and design work-life rhythm

Hi, we're Ketty & Markus.

We worked a decade of high-pressure jobs in the German automotive industry. After individually hitting rock bottom we went down the rabbit hole of holistic health & wellness starting with the physical—then moving beyond.

By bringing body & mind in alignment (treating it as a whole) we not only create long-lasting changes for a lifetime — we evolve.

Leveraging natural biohacking and compounding high-energy habits has helped us and countless others merge optimal performance with well-being. This allowed us to intentionally design a healthier, wealthier life while building and running a successful online business.

Some ways we can help you

1-on-1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching w/ Ketty

Working sessions with Ketty to get you fit, lean, and energized

1:1 Coaching w/ Markus

Working sessions with Markus to get you strong, confident, and energized

1-on-1 Programs

Upright with ease
in 12 weeks

Create alignment to confidently stand, sit, and walk upright without pain.

Transform your lifestyle 360°

Get holistically fit to maximize your return on life (and business).

Shed 10-15 lbs 
in 12 weeks

Transform into a naturally lean and energetic person — keep it for a lifetime.

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